Best satellite TV services in Pittsburgh for 2024 (2024)

Best satellite TV services in Pittsburgh for 2024 (1)

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By Megan Vick|Last updated 7/2/24

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Satellite TV is a popular alternative to cable and may be the best option for folks who live in rural areas or are not on the cable grid. Satellite is available almost everywhere and is generally a more affordable option than cable. It does involve having a dish put on your house to beam a TV signal, but different services provide a variety of channels that you can't get elsewhere if you don't have a cable setup. There are some key things that you should think about before settling on a satellite TV provider.

You should be aware of all of your options because there are some drawbacks to satellites. Typically, the physical dish is located outside of your house, which makes it more susceptible to weather interference. When you're deciding between satellite services, you should know what features matter most to you. Are you looking for the most economical option? Are you looking for a service that will give you the most channels and special features? Or are you looking for a service that will give you specific channels so that you can watch your favorite content and sports teams? Each of these questions could change what satellite service is the best one for your needs.

There are two primary satellite providers in the Pittsburgh area, DIRECTV and DISH Network. This guide will help you analyze both services, their features, included channels and price. Read below to see which option most closely fits your needs so that you can start watching satellite TV as soon as possible.

How we chose the best satellite services

When comparing satellite companies, we consider a few key factors: price, channel availability and extra features. DISH is the more economical choice between the two, but DIRECTV provides additional channels and features that may be worth the extra money. Both services require a minimum two-year contract, so you should be prepared for a commitment when choosing either DISH or DIRECTV.

This guide will help you decide what makes the most sense for you and your budget, whether you are looking for a lot of variety in channels or want the most affordable option that allows you to watch your favorite TV. Let's break it down.

DISH in Pittsburgh (Featured partner)

Best satellite TV services in Pittsburgh for 2024 (2)

  • Pricing begins at $84.99/mo
  • 190+ channels
  • No contract required
  • Channels:190+
  • Price:$84.99+
  • DVR:Yes, up to 2,000 hours

About DISH

DISH comes with many recommended features. Each contract comes with a two-year price guarantee, free installation, free DVR for life, a voice-free remote, and a signal reliability guarantee. The first tier, America's Top 120 comes with 190 channels includingESPN, Newsmax, CMT, and more, along with 28 thousand on-demand titles. The next tier, America's Top 200, gives youNFL Network,NBA TV,Hallmark, and more thrown in for 240+ channels. The top tier, America's Top 250 gets you 290+ channels including premium channels likeSTARZ.

Qualifying customers can also add Hopper to the deal or pay $5 per month for it. Hopper allows you to watch all your streaming apps, live TV, recorded shows, and on-demand programs in one place. DISH will also allow you to bundle satellite internet into your TV plan with the same two-year price guarantee.

DIRECTV in Pittsburgh

Best satellite TV services in Pittsburgh for 2024 (3)

  • Pricing begins at $84.99/mo
  • 165+ channels
  • Contract required
  • Channels:165+
  • Price:$84.99+
  • DVR:Yes, up to unlimited


DIRECTV is pricier than DISH, but there are more packages and channels available for you and your household to enjoy. The Entertainment package starts at $84.99 per month and includeslocal channels,Fox News, ESPN, Univision,MSNBCand more. If you upgrade to the Choice package, then you get everything in the Entertainment package plus regional sports networks for watching theSteelers, Penguins and thePirates. Regional sports networks come with every package Choice and above.

The top package, Premier comes with everything mentioned before and premium channels like Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ and Cinemax. If that is a little too steep, you can also consider the Ultimate Package, which comes with everything in the Choice package but also includes 70 additional channels like CBS Sports Network, NHL Network, and STARZ Encore.

DIRECTV also has a two-year price guarantee with your contract and includes a DIRECTV Genie for DVR andlive TV streamingapp needs. Right now they also have a deal where you can get three months of premium channels on any package free. You can shave $12 per month off your pricet tag if you forgo local channels, but that may not be in the interest of any devoted sports fan.


Who is the best satellite TV provider?

There are two main satellite TV providers in Pittsburgh: DISH Network and DIRECTV. If you are looking for the most economical satellite provider, then you should take a look at DISH Network. However, if you want the most variety and features, then DIRECTV is the way to go.

What is the cheapest way to get satellite TV?

The cheapest way to get satellite TV in Pittsburgh is to get DISH. DISH has the more affordable plans between the two popular services available in the Pittsburgh area. Both DISH and DIRECTV include fee installation of the dish and accompanying hardware when you sign your two-year contract, so installing the service and getting up and running is reasonable regardless of which service you choose.

Is it worth having satellite TV?

It is worth having satellite TV if you live in a rural area or somewhere without cable. You also want to be careful of living in an area with frequent inclement weather because that can affect your satellite signal. If you live in an apartment building, then you should make sure satellite dishes are allowed for your unit before signing a contract.

Megan is a freelance reporter with 15 years of experience. Her bylines have appeared in TV Guide, The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, and more.

Best satellite TV services in Pittsburgh for 2024 (2024)


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