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APRIL 2007 - MAY 2008

Sean O'Connell debuted in April 2007 with no prior fight training of any kind aside from attending a few cardio kickboxing classes. He won his first two fights by KO in 0:36 & 0:37 seconds and his third fight by TKO in 1:24. 3 fights later and only 7 months into his MMA career, he was 5-1 and the Heavyweight Champion of Ultimate Combat Experience in his native Salt Lake City.

At this point in his career, he finally decided to join a gym and train. He got a sponsor to pay for his training at Jeremy Horn's Elite Performance. He won one of his next two fights giving him a 6-2 record in under a year as a pro MMA fighter and under 6 months after joining an MMA gym and training. One of the fighters at his gym, Nick Rossborough, had just been on The Ultimate Fighter 7 and was still in contact with the producers so upon hearing TUF 8 would have Light-Heavyweights he put in a good word for O'Connell. Sean sent the producers a highlight reel of his fights, flew out to Boston to interview, and was selected.
Filming for TUF 8 started just 13 months after his pro debut and 6 months after joining a gym. There were 32 participants fighting to get into the house, though O'Connell had never fought above 225 he only had one pro fight at Light-Heavyweight. He faced Shane Primm to get into the house and lost via Rear Naked Choke at 3:40 of the 1st round. With that, in May of 2008, his first experience with the UFC was over.

JUNE 2008 - JANUARY 2012

The former high-school wrestler and collegiate football player realized he'd only been in the sport for a year but it's hard not to go into TUF thinking you'll win and he took it especially hard that he didn't make it into the house. He spent the next 3 1/2 years getting a basic education in all aspects of MMA, occasionally training at other gyms for brief periods like Matt Hughes' HIT Squad in Illinois to make him more well-rounded. After going 6-2 and appearing on TUF in his first 13 months, he went 4-2 over the next 3 1/2 years fighting for Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night, World Championship Full Contact, United Fighting Organization, ZarMMA, and Fight King bringing his pro record to 10-4.


He found his footing in the sport in 2012 & 2013 going 4-0 for Showdown Fights in Utah bringing his record to 14-4 and beating the likes of former UFC vet Marvin Eastman and future Bellator fighter Trevor Carlson. Showdown Fights is one of the largest promotions in Utah and also was in syndication nationally through FOX Sports giving him the spotlight to shine and he won each fight against a higher level of competition than he'd faced with previous promotions but he showed he wasn't the same fighter he was a few years back. His 5 fight winning streak caught the eye of the MFC matchmaker out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. O'Connell agreed to fight on their January 17, 2014 card MFC 39 where he beat Markhaile Wedderburn by Rear Naked Choke in just 1:48 of the very first round. This extended his winning streak to 6 and pro MMA record to 15-4 with 7 wins coming by (T)KO and 3 by Submission. Of his 4 losses 2 had come via (T)KO and 2 via Submission. In fights that went to a decision he stands an unblemished 5-0. All 5 of his fights ending in Submission (3 wins, 2 losses) all were by Rear Naked Choke.


Riding a 6 fight winning streak and with the last 5 in Showdown Fights/MFC, Sean had caught the eye of UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and when Steve Bosse pulled out of his Ultimate Fighter Nations fight on April 16, 2014 in Quebec City, Quebec with 4 weeks until the fight, Silva called O'Connell in mid-March knowing he'd just fought in Canada 2 months prior and offered him the spot against Ryan Jimmo (Another TUF 8 Light-Heavyweight who didn't make it in the house). Now a few months shy of 6 years later they were set to fight on a UFC card! Sean and Ryan got along fine as was evidenced by their light-hearted staredown after weigh-ins where they intertwined their arms and simultaneously took drinks from their post-weigh-in drinks. Unfortunately for Sean, he was KO'd at 4:27 of the 1st round, earning Jimmo a Performance of the Night bonus award.

Joe Silva always remembers when a fighter fills in on short notice and O'Connell's phone rang less than 2 months after the first call. This time he was needed on 5 weeks notice filling in for the injured Anthony Perosh, June 28th, 2014 against fellow striker Gian Villante in Auckland, New Zealand for Ultimate Fight Night 43: Te Huna vs. Marquardt. With an extra week to prepare, he's hoping it makes the difference and earns him a win and a scheduled UFC fight instead of another fill-in. But you won't hear him complain, it's been over 6 years since his brief stint on TUF 8 and he's just happy to be back in the UFC at now 15-5 where he feels he belongs. He's only 30, is at the highest level he's ever been trained for an MMA fight, and he feels he has a lot of fight in him for the Light-Heavyweights in the UFC starting with Villante now that he has his "official" Octagon debut finally under his belt.

Sean O'Connell ("The Real OC") | MMA Fighter Page | Tapology (2024)


How many wins does Sean O'Connell have? ›

Sean O'Connell Record: 17-9-0
winSean O'Connell Anthony Perosh20 3
winSean O'Connell Matt Van Buren66 100
lossSean O'Connell Gian Villante109 93
lossSean O'Connell Ryan Jimmo15 20
4 more rows

How long has Julianna Pena been fighting? ›

Julianna Pena began training in a cardio kickboxing class back in 2008 and took her first amateur fight in 2009. Pena was a competitor on TUF 18. She won her fight to get into the house against Gina Mazany via a lopsided Decision.

What weight class is Sean O Connell in? ›

Sean O'Connell (Light Heavyweight) MMA Profile - ESPN.

Is Sean O Connell a movie critic? ›

Sean O'Connell is a nationally recognized film critic. His reviews have been published in print ('The Washington Post,' 'USA Today') and online (CinemaBlend, AMC, MSN) since 1996.

Who has beaten Julianna Peña? ›

Julianna Pena Record: 12-5-0
lossJulianna Pena Amanda Nunes5:00
winJulianna Pena Amanda Nunes3:26
winJulianna Pena Sara McMann3:39
lossJulianna Pena Germaine de Randamie3:25
7 more rows

Why didn't Peña fight? ›

She ultimately had to withdraw due to an undisclosed injury, and Irene Adana stepped in as a replacement and lost a lopsided decision to Nunes it what turned out to be the final fight for “The Lioness.” When asked why Peña isn't competing at UFC 297, “The Venezuelan Vixen” says that she still hasn't fully recovered.

Who was the first female TUF champion? ›

First female UFC Champion

UFC President Dana White officially announced at the UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Diaz pre-fight press conference that Rousey was the first UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.

How many wins does Sean o malley have? ›

Sean O'Malley Record: 18-1-0 (1 NC)
winSean O'Malley Jose Quinonez18 0
winSean O'Malley Andre Soukhamthath63 25
winSean O'Malley Terrion Ware141 88
winSean O'Malley Alfred Khashakyan27 26
10 more rows

What happened to Camille's brother in the originals? ›

Like his uncle, Sean was one of the few humans to be openly attacked by a witch. Both Sean and Camille were forced to kill themselves by cutting their throats, but Sean was for a witch and Camille for a vampire. Sean died permanently, but Camille became a vampire.

Did Sean Brady win? ›

Brady faced Belal Muhammad on October 22, 2022, at UFC 280. He lost the bout via TKO stoppage at the end of the second round.


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