The Top 75 Dolphins Games of the 2000s: Numbers 31-35 (2024)

The last two seasons have been generally good ones and often memorable for the Miami Dolphins, who made the playoffs each time mostly behind one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.

The proof comes in our ranking of the top 75 Dolphins games of the 2000s, which featured seven games from 2022 (the most of any season) plus four more from last season.

Of course, this is all subjective and every Dolphins fan might have a different view of each game. For us, it was about the entertainment value of the game combined with the significance of it, with bonus points awarded for anything unusual that happened like, say, a ridiculous three-lateral finish or a team being called back from the locker room 30 minutes after everybody thought the game was over.

And, yes, the list includes some Dolphins losses purely on the entertainment value and quality of the game.

So here it is, our countdown of the top 75 Dolphins games of the 2000s, continuing with numbers 31-35:

Some Dolphins fans will consider this game having been placed way too low in our countdown, but the rationale is that it didn't change the fact the Dolphins had a miserable 2007 season, only that it kept them from going 0-16, which is why it merits being in the countdown in the first place. Regardless, it certainly was a thrilling finish to watch Greg Camarillo catch a short pass from Cleo Lemon over the middle on third-and-8 and turn it into a 64-yard game-ending touchdown. This was a game the Dolphins were lucky to win, quite frankly, because Matt Stover missed a 44-yard field goal attempt in overtime and Baltimore, which was 4-9 entering the game, strangely settled for a game-tying field goal at the end of regulation instead of going for the win on fourth-and-goal from the 1.

34. 2003 vs. Washington — Dolphins 24, Washington 23

We had the 2003 Thanksgiving victory at Dallas earlier in the countdown, and that came four days after this Sunday night game against Washington when the Dolphins rallied from a 23-10 fourth-quarter deficit. Brian Griese started at QB for the Dolphins with Jay Fiedler nursing an injury, but Fiedler came off the bench late in the third quarter to engineer two touchdown drives that ended with Ricky Williams scores. The Dolphins opened the scoring with an 80-yard touchdown pass from Griese to James McKnight before Washington scored 20 consecutive points.

The Ted Ginn game. That's all that needs to be said. The Dolphins found a way to win this game despite being outgained 378-104 because Ginn made NFL history with two kickoff returns for touchdowns topping 100 yards. Oh, and Jason Taylor had a 48-yard fumble return for another score. The Jets, who would reach the AFC Championship Game that season, had a chance to pull out the victory after having a first down at the Miami 12 at the two-minute warning, but a Randy Starks sack highlighted the defensive stand that clinched the win for Miami.

32. 2019 vs. Cincinnati — Dolphins 38, Bengals 35 (OT)

Let's start here by clearing up one thing: The Dolphins would NOT have secured the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft by losing because there was a two-win difference between the teams heading into this Week 16 game. They still would have needed to have a loss at New England in Week 17 combined with a Cincinnati win. That out of the way, this was a wildly entertaining game that featured an incredible comeback by the Bengals, who scored two touchdowns and two two-point conversions in the final 30 seconds to send the game to overtime. Each team failed on its first two possessions of overtime before the Dolphins ended it with a Jason Sanders field goal after a 28-yard completion from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Isaiah Ford.

The Dolphins have had five coaches, including interim head coaches, win their debut in the 2000s, but Dan Campbell's first victory was something special. Coming off their bye, the Dolphins went to Tennessee with a 1-3 record but dominated the Titans in every way possible. Reshad Jones had a pick-six, Cameron Wake had four sacks, and Lamar Miller rushed for 113 yards to lead the rout. And for the record, the other Dolphins coaches to win their debut in the 2000s were Dave Wannstedt (2000), Nick Saban (2005), Todd Bowles (2011) and Mike McDaniel (2022).


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The Top 75 Dolphins Games of the 2000s: Numbers 31-35 (2024)


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