WARNING: Urbalovesm.best Identified as a Scam – Details, Reviews, and Complaints (2024)

Urbalovesm.best reviews. Is legit or a scam, can you trust Urbalovesm.best? Date of last check: 2024-05-19

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Current Status of Urbalovesm.best in Our Database:Dangerous Website

Our automated system has classified Urbalovesm.best as a dangerous website. This categorization is based on specific patterns and attributes that align with known hazardous websites. It is possible that Urbalovesm.best has received complaints or exhibits striking resemblances to a website previously marked as dangerous. This assessment is a clear indication of potential risks associated with Urbalovesm.best. Users are strongly urged to exercise extreme caution when dealing with this website, as it is considered hazardous. Prioritizing safety is paramount, and conducting comprehensive due diligence is essential before engaging with Urbalovesm.best to mitigate the evident risks

Review of website:

In our opinion, urbalovesm.best - Scam Website. We advise avoid that website. This is a scam website. The moderator set this status..

Nothing to like

The website HTML title matches with a previously detected suspicious website

Big discounts detected

Crazy big discounts usually use scam websites.

Online shop detected - Should be careful

Try to avoid online shops with big discount

Always check reviews on social networks

We had not found links to social networks on the page

At the moment of detection, the website was created in less than 10 days ago

The website is not visited by many users

Protect Yourself and Your Family from dangerous websites

Install «Paranoid Web Extension» on IOS and it will block dangerous websites in the Safari Browser.

Install «Paranoid Web Extension» on IOS and it will block dangerous websites in the Safari Browser.

Users reactions to Urbalovesm.best

You can make a complaint

Please make your reaction correctly. That helps us detect scams/dangerous websites quickly and make the internet safety.

Summary analysis Urbalovesm.best

HTML page Analysis

We have conducted a thorough examination of the webpage title on Urbalovesm.best and compared it with titles from previously identified scam websites. During this process, we found notable similarities. This discovery is concerning as it suggests that Urbalovesm.best might share characteristics with known fraudulent sites. Such similarities in webpage titles are often indicative of potential risks, including deceptive practices commonly associated with online scams. We urge users to exercise caution and remain vigilant when interacting with Urbalovesm.best, as these similarities could signal underlying security threats.

Urbalovesm.best content analysis

Urbalovesm.best is online shop.

Here are some things to know to avoid shopping scams:

1) Many of these websites offer luxury items, such as popular brands of clothing, jewelry, and electronics, at meager prices. Sometimes you will receive the item you paid for, but it will be fake, other times you will receive nothing.

2) The web store insists on immediate payment, or payment by electronic funds transfer or a wire service. They may insist that you pay up-front for vouchers before you can access a cheap deal or a give-away.

3) An online retailer does not provide adequate information about privacy, terms and conditions of use, dispute resolution, or contact details. The seller may be based overseas or does not allow payment through a secure payment service such as PayPal or a credit card transaction.

Urbalovesm.best technical analysis

As of our latest detection, Urbalovesm.best was found to be a newly created website, established less than 10 days ago. This is a significant red flag in our security assessment. It is a common pattern observed with most scam websites; they are often created and put into immediate use for fraudulent activities. Such a brief period between the website's creation and its activation raises concerns about its legitimacy. This is because scam operators typically set up new sites quickly to start their deceptive practices before they are detected and shut down. We advise users to exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough verification before interacting with Urbalovesm.best, as its recent establishment may indicate potential risks.

Social analysis

We had not found links to social networks on the page Urbalovesm.best. Social networks are an excellent way to connect with your customers, which is why all big web stores have links to their social profiles. That is why web stores without social profiles are suspicious.

Urbalovesm.best is not visited by many users. For some, particular case, it is normal. For online shop is an important flag to make decision about interaction with this website.

Beware Shopping Scams

When shopping online, it's important to be cautious and aware of potential scams. Some websites, such as urbalovesm.best, may engage in practices that raise concerns among consumers. While these websites may offer products at attractive prices, it's crucial to verify the legitimacy of the seller before making a purchase.

One common red flag is unusually low prices. If a website offers products at prices significantly lower than other retailers, it's important to exercise caution. Legitimate businesses have certain operational costs, and prices that seem too good to be true may indicate a potential scam.

Another aspect to consider is the website's contact information. Legitimate businesses typically provide clear contact details, such as a physical address, phone number, and email address. If this information is missing or difficult to find on a website like urbalovesm.best, it may be a sign of a potential scam. Scammers often operate anonymously to avoid being traced or held accountable.

When it comes to payment methods, be cautious of websites that only accept options that are difficult to trace or dispute, such as wire transfers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency. Legitimate businesses typically offer secure payment options, such as credit cards or well-known payment processors, which provide some level of protection for the consumer.

The overall design and functionality of a website can also provide clues about its legitimacy. Scam websites may have poor grammar, spelling errors, or a layout that appears unprofessional. They may also have broken links or pages that don't function properly. These signs may indicate that the website was created hastily or without attention to detail, which is common among scam operations.

Before making a purchase from urbalovesm.best or any unfamiliar website, it's important to research the site and look for reviews from other customers. If there are no reviews, or if the reviews are predominantly negative, it may indicate a potential scam. Legitimate businesses tend to have a mix of positive and negative reviews, as no company can satisfy every customer.

Website info

Detection url



Online Store

Domain registration e-mail


Domain age

Current: 1 days

Domain registrar

Sav.com, LLC

Ssl issuer

Let's Encrypt

Whois renew date


Whois registration date


Domain registration country



Find Quality Clothing, Furniture, Toys & Baby Products and Sports Merchandise for Men and Women!

Server IP info




Name of organization


Last checks website legit

Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Old Website


Little known website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Little known website


Suspicious Website


Little known website


Little known website


Little known website


Little known website


Little known website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Suspicious Website


Dangerous Website


Suspicious Website


Little known website


Little known website


Suspicious Website


WARNING: Urbalovesm.best Identified as a Scam – Details, Reviews, and Complaints (2024)


Is this a legitimate company? ›

See if the company is registered with any relevant trade organizations, the BBB, or local, state, or federal authorities. Look for customer reviews of the company to determine if it's legitimate, and ask friends and family if they have any experience with the company.

How do I know if I am talking to a scammer? ›

You might be dealing with an online scammer if they request sensitive personal information, money, or insist on speaking on a chat app of their choice. You might be dealing with an online scammer if they request sensitive personal information, money, or insist on speaking on a chat app of their choice.

How do you check a company is real or fake in USA? ›

Information needed to check if a company is legit includes its name, address, registration documents, licensing documents (if applicable), and tax information. In the US, all of this information can be found in the Secretary of State portal for the state in which a business was registered.

How to check out a company's reputation? ›

The BBB's Wise Giving Alliance (give.org) is an affiliated organization whose database is continually updated with information on charitable groups and others who solicit your contributions. To check the reputation of a business, visit bbb.org or contact the BBB by phone.

Is there an app to identify scammer? ›

With so many scam callers out there, it can be difficult to know which incoming numbers to trust. Want a tool that goes above and beyond your phone's built-in spam features?

Can I track someone who scammed me? ›

Tracing a scammer demands persistence, leveraging online resources, and often legal assistance. Initiating with digital footprints like email addresses or phone numbers, employing reverse search tools, and reporting to authorities can unearth valuable leads.

What are common scammer phrases? ›

Here are some things only scammers will tell you to do:"Withdraw money from your accounts and go to a bitcoin ATM.""Buy gift cards to send money."If you see or hear any version of any of these phrases, you've just encountered a scammer. Instead of doing what they say, stop. Hang up. Delete the email.

What are the red flags of a scammer? ›

Unsolicited offers: Don't respond to unsolicited cold calls, emails, junk mail, late-night commercials or infomercials, or social media posts that are either overly attractive or fear-inducing. These are all common tactics scammers use to entice you to engage.

What are three excuses a scammer uses? ›

Romance scammers will encourage secrecy and will influence you to only trust them. They may try to isolate you from your family and friends. There will always be an excuse why they can't meet in person or show themselves on camera. They say they live overseas or somewhere remote, or their technology isn't working.

How to check if a website is credible? ›

Check the domain name

Generally, . edu and . gov websites are credible, but beware of sites that use these suffixes in an attempt to mislead. Nonprofit websites may also contain reliable information, but take some time to consider the organization's purpose and agenda to determine if it could be biased.

How do you check if a website is safe or not? ›

The Google Website Safety Checker showcases an organized dashboard with various sections, such as “Issues list” and “Affected pages by category,” providing a detailed analysis of site performance and security. This includes the number of critical issues, warnings, and opportunities for improvement.

Is .org reliable? ›

org is great for organizations because it conveys a level of professionalism, trustworthiness, and authority. It's also popular among NGOs (non-governmental organizations), charities, and social enterprises due to its global reach.


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