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Avatar 2 Tamilyogi (2024)


Avatar 2 Tamilyogi? ›

There is much less language than there was in the first, with the exception of one f word near the end. There is nudity (for anyone who wants to have their kids look away, it is near the beginning when the kids visit the lab. The scene moves to a tube holding an avatar.

Is there an F word in Avatar 2? ›

There's only one F-word in Avatar: The Way of Water, but let's imagine there's one more.

Does Avatar 2 have cuss words? ›

Unnecessary swearing throughout the movie as well. It's extremely mean spirited, violent and disgusting. And they now speak fluent English as well as fluent dirty slangs. Definitely not appropriate for any kids under 13.

How many swear words are in an Avatar? ›

Profanity (14)

'Hell' is said six times. 'Ass' is said four times. 'Damn' is said four times. 'Crap' is said three times.

What age is Avatar 2 appropriate for? ›

Despite being 3 hours long, the movie is exciting and intense, which, together with the violence and scary scenes, makes it unsuitable for children under 12 years. We recommend parental guidance for children aged 12–13 years.


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